Once you have acquired the full, round butt you’ve always desired through a Brazilian butt lift surgery, the next big task is to find the perfect clothes to flatter your shapely body. Depending on the kind of transformation your body goes through during the surgery, you might be forced to discard all your old clothes and buy new ones.

During recovery, you will also have to change your dress to have enough comfort and enjoy outstanding results. This article gives you a few fashion ideas for your post-Brazilian butt lift surgery style.

Clothes to Wear During Recovery

To conceal the surgical sites and the compression garment, you should wear loose clothes, including tops and sweaters, for at least six weeks. These clothes are also good for your comfort. Tight clothes will pressure the fat grafts and prevent the free flow of blood in and out of the surgical wounds, which affects the healing process and the final results.

Wearing tight clothes such as fitted pants, jeans, and leggings can cause your body to excrete the fat grafts instead of allowing them to heal properly. When this excretion occurs, it affects the final results of your butt lift.

Clothes to Wear After Full Recovery

A curvy butt looks incredible in almost anything you wear. However, you should still avoid bulky clothes that are likely to make your new butt look unreasonably huge, especially if your upper section is small. If you want to flaunt your new shapely butt, avoid pants with large or many pockets because they will obscure your butt profile. Always choose pants that do not have pockets or ones with slim-fitting pockets.

Also, choose seamless underwear whenever you are wearing tight pants, dresses, and skirts to keep your outline smooth. To make your new figure more visible, choose body-hugging clothes that will highlight your waist. These include pencil skirts, bodycon dresses, high-waist pants, midi skirts, and crop tops. Apart from accentuating your new curves, these clothes will also allow you to flaunt your flat tummy, especially if the fat grafts were removed from your stomach.

Avoid loose clothes with noticeable folds and lines because they will take the attention away from your great assets. Therefore, consider altering your old clothes, especially after the postoperative inflammation from the Brazilian butt lift has subsided and the compression garment has been removed, for a perfect fit. It would help if you also asked for advice from your fashion stylist.