Breast Augmentation in Virginia Beach

Breast augmentation is a procedure that enlarges and reshapes the breasts with the use of breast implants. This procedure offers women the ability to address breast size and dissatisfaction by increasing fullness and projection of the breasts by improving the balance of the figure, which ultimately enhances self-image and self-confidence.

Choose The Breast Implants That Suit Your Body

There are many types and styles of breast implants currently available for breast augmentation. These include low, moderate, or high projection implants, smooth or textured surface implants, silicone or saline implants, round or teardrop (anatomical) implants and almost any combination of the above-listed varieties. We can help you choose the implant best suited to your particular needs. These implants are often placed behind the breast tissue and the pectoralis major muscle.

Silicone filled implants are again available for breast augmentation after years of testing to support their safety. They offer the advantage of improved softness and less wrinkling. However, the results with respect to the appearance of the breast after surgery, whether the breast is augmented with silicone or saline implants, is similar.

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