The desire by women to have larger butts has reached new levels over the last five years. While there are many procedures used in butt lifting, the most popular one if the Brazilian butt lift. According to recent studies, the number of women going for Brazilian butt lifts, especially in western countries, has more than doubled in less than five years. However, the risks associated with having this aesthetic procedure are becoming clearer by the day. A lot of high-profile cases of people dying during or after the butt lifting procedure are now being reported across the world.

The Risks From An Inexperienced BBL Surgeon Are Higher

In its recent study, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the Brazilian butt lift is one of the deadliest aesthetic procedures. So, why is this procedure so deadly? Research has shown that most of these procedures go wrong because they are not done correctly. For a Brazilian butt lifting procedure to succeed, fat grafts have to be injected into body tissues that have enough blood supply. This means that the fat grafts have to be injected into the muscle so that they can grow. Unfortunately, this is the riskiest part of the procedure.

It is risky because if fat is injected into the buttock inaccurately it causes a lot of serious problems, including fat embolism. This disorder occurs when excess fat finds its way into the bloodstream, causing blockage in the blood vessels. For example, if this fat travels to the lungs, it blocks prevents oxygen from getting into the bloodstream, which can easily lead to death. It is even more deadly if this fat gets into the brain because it causes stroke. Medical experts suggest that fat embolism happens when important blood vessels known as gluteal get injured during the injection.

Proper Care & Experience Ensures The Best BBL Results

The injured vessels allow fat to get into the bloodstream, causing blockage. Experts recommend that these injections be performed carefully, avoiding getting into the deep muscle plane. The only way you can be guaranteed that your butt lipoinjection will be done properly is to hire a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. You should choose someone who has performed many similar procedures before because they understand what needs to be done in different situations. Make sure you read customer reviews on the surgeon’s website or social media pages to get an idea of their level of experience and training. Additionally, only go to approved facilities for your Brazilian butt lifts.